How to start a business: the hard sell

Posted September 02, 2018 04:03:33When the idea of buying a piece of paper for £100 struck my mind, I had no idea it would take me years to actually do it.

But for someone like me who grew up in a family of paper-makers, it was a real thrill to take the plunge and buy the first paper craft I saw in a shop.

“It was a bit of a shock,” said co-owner Papa Koehn, who also runs her own family paper business.

“I think I had probably bought my first piece of art, but I just thought it was so beautiful.”

Then one day it came back and I realised I’d never actually done it.

“It’s an adventure that could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if you don’t get it rightThe paper craft, made from a single sheet of paper, was made by hand using a mix of recycled and non-recyclable materials and it takes about six hours to make.

It can be cut and pasted on a regular basis to create a variety of designs.”

You can use it for your Christmas tree, a poster or to do a few Christmas cards, it’s great for people to have a piece that they love,” Mr Koehan said.”

We’ve even had people come in and say, ‘I don’t have any paper in my house’ and then they’ve just taken it and turned it into a piece.

“The business has already sold a few of the pieces.”

The one we had the most success with was the ‘Cinderella’ paper,” Mr Kehn said.

It was initially sold at a Christmas fair in 2014, when it was valued at about $US2,000 ($2,700).”

People were very impressed with it,” Mr Kenney said.

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