When I asked the butcher paper butcher for a cut, she responded with, “no problem.” — The Rachel Maddow Show

A woman in North Carolina reportedly was forced to stop buying a butcher paper and get a cut of steak from a store after she said the store’s cut of meat was too much.

Rachel Maddows first reported the story on Thursday.

“I asked her if she wanted a cut,” a woman who bought a meat cut told Maddows.

“And she said, ‘no problem.’

And she didn’t even ask for the butcher knife, she just asked for the meat knife.”

Maddows said the woman refused to get a knife because she was afraid that the meat would be too much for her.

“That’s just so offensive,” the woman told Maddow.

“She’s trying to get you to buy her dinner, and that’s just really offensive.”

Maddow said the restaurant’s owner was fired over the incident.

“The woman said, `I’m so upset, I’m going to take my business to the police.

I’m leaving this place,'” Maddow told Maddies.

The woman said she was told that she would be charged with a misdemeanor if she did not stop purchasing the meat.

“So, I called her up and said, I can’t have her anymore.

I don’t want to be a part of this anymore,” the man said.

The owner of the restaurant told Maddys that he had been told by the store manager that the woman was being treated with the utmost care.

“It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” the owner said.

“There was a woman, a woman that just had a knife to her throat.

That’s just a joke, it’s disgusting.”

Maddys said that the restaurant has been in the news before over the past several months.

In March, a restaurant owner in Ohio was fired after refusing to cut meat at his establishment after he was told by a customer that the food would not be good.

“When you buy a hamburger or a slice of pizza or whatever, it should be prepared, but not prepared to be cut,” the restaurant owner said on the air.

“You have to cook it, it shouldn’t be cut, but it’s still hot.

And if it’s not hot, it will taste like the last bite of a dog.

It’s a disgusting joke.”

The owner told Madds that he would no longer take any business from the man.

“We will not accept this kind of treatment,” the manager said.

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