What to know about the new Apple Watch in 5 words or less

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably heard of Apple’s new Apple Watches, and now we’re here to help you understand what you’re about to see.

First, a quick note on the term “watch.”

The watch itself isn’t actually a product anymore, but it’s still the core of Apple devices and services.

Apple’s devices are typically a combination of wearable and computer devices, and they’re mostly powered by an Apple Watch, which you can see in its simplest form.

The watch, however, has always been an extension of the iPhone or iPad, so it’s very much a product of Apple.

It’s not really a computer in the sense that the iPad is a computer.

A computer, like an iPad, is something that runs software.

It does things like run a web browser, it does some other things like read or write a text document, and it does these things in the background, so that it’s not running at full speed when you tap on it.

It also has a battery, which can last for up to two days on a single charge.

In fact, the watch is the heart of Apple, as Apple’s business is essentially built around the products it sells.

The company is selling more than just computers.

It sells other Apple products, like the Mac and iPhones.

The Watch was a huge part of Apple during the iPhone’s development, but Apple’s future was very much uncertain during the early years of the iPod.

The iPod was a very different product from the Watch, and Apple wasn’t quite sure how to build a product that would appeal to both the casual consumer and the more professional consumer.

And so, it made some decisions about its products that would shape its long-term future, but they didn’t do anything with the product itself.

It didn’t introduce the first Apple Watch.

It was one of many products that Apple had to make to meet the iPhone and iPod’s growing audience.

In the years leading up to the iPhone, Apple had made some very different products.

The first iPhone was an iPod clone that was designed to replace the iPod’s existing product lineup.

The iPhone was a product to replace iPod music players.

The Mac was the company’s answer to Apple’s iPods.

The iPad was a device that would replace the iPad.

The Apple Watch was one product that Apple would make to compete with these products.

This meant that Apple was constantly evolving and developing new products that were designed to differentiate itself.

The watches were an extension, a new way to stand out in the marketplace, to be seen and to be understood by consumers.

The Watches are Apple’s attempt to be a different kind of product.

Apple has been trying to change the way it sells products for the last 15 years.

The most prominent example of this is the iPod, a product designed to compete directly with Apple’s own products.

But Apple didn’t just want to make an iPod replacement.

It wanted to build an iPod successor.

And while the iPod was in many ways an easy-to-make product that could be sold anywhere, it was not designed to stand the test of time.

It took Apple two years to release an iPod that was more than five years old.

The result was the iPod Touch, a device designed to be the ultimate Apple product.

The original iPod was built around a unique interface that was meant to be an extension and replacement of the physical interface of the Apple Watch (though it was still a physical product).

It was designed with a focus on performance and ease of use, which were the features that made the iPod the best product it could be.

The new Apple watch is a product created specifically to replace that interface.

It has a completely new user interface, built around Apple’s WatchKit technology.

Apple is using its WatchKit to design a new interface for the Apple watch, but in doing so, the company is also going back to the beginning.

The design of the watch itself is very much built around WatchKit, and there are some design decisions that go beyond WatchKit.

The case itself is built around four separate layers.

The sides are made from stainless steel, and the top layer is made from a metal that looks like glass.

The top layer has a rubber band that is connected to the sides by a flexible plastic sleeve that covers the entire case.

The rubber band is very thin, and this means that when you slip the watch on your wrist, it doesn’t have to move too much in order to keep it from falling off.

This makes it much easier to wear the watch, and is also a major design choice that Apple is making with the Apple Wat.

This design is one of the key things that make the Apple watches unique.

You can feel the difference between the rubber bands and the plastic sleeve.

The plastic sleeve feels much thicker than the rubber band, and that is something Apple is looking to make the