Papa Johns: No beef on offer

By Rajesh Jain By | 25/03/2016 09:45:06Papa Johns is the undisputed king of papa sandwiches and papa burgers.

The burger chain has over 2,400 locations worldwide, with its latest global expansion to the UK, the US and Europe.

But is it the best burger in the world?

A team of researchers from the University of Exeter recently put their minds to the task, and came up with their own verdict.

The team, led by Professor John Wetherington from the School of Food and Consumer Science at the University, and Dr Shobha Nair, a Food and Beverage Technologist, wanted to look at a burger’s meat content.

They were keen to avoid the use of animal products, which could result in a meatier burger.

They analysed the meat content of the different types of papas, as well as the amount of fats and sugars they contained, and also measured the levels of carbonation, flavour and flavourings.

They found that, of the 1,038 papas analysed, just two – Papa Johns and Papa John’s Baked Pasta – were more than twice as good as their American and British counterparts.

Dr Wetherfield, who led the research team, said: “I thought that was pretty impressive.

The team also examined the taste of the various papas and found that they were similar in terms of flavour, texture and nutrition.””

It’s a really big burger and we were very keen to find out what the differences were.”

The team also examined the taste of the various papas and found that they were similar in terms of flavour, texture and nutrition.

“We found that the average quality papas had a lot of flavour and a lot more nutrition than the other types,” Dr Wetherton said.

“I would say that, if you are looking for a very good burger, it’s probably the Papa John.”

While they found the papas to be among the best in terms-of-quality, the research also showed that they could have a significant impact on the flavour of the food they were served.

“I think that’s one of the things that makes them such a great sandwich,” Dr Nair said.

“It’s quite clear that the flavour is what makes the difference, and that the nutrition is the important thing to look out for when it comes to taste.”

The researchers found that a portion of the papa burger, for example, had a similar level of carbonated beverage as the average American or British sandwich.

However, the researchers also found that some of the cheaper versions were quite salty, which may not be the best thing for the palate.

“In general, the cheaper papas have a very salty flavour, and we have found that that can be quite distracting to the mouth,” Dr Vasant said.

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