Papa Doc: ‘A Very Bad Sign For Us All’

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks trying to wrap my head around the fact that the Papa Docs of the world, and the entire NBA, are about to get a little less cool, a little more mainstream, and a little, a lot, less entertaining.

The Docs were the last big franchise that had its own reality show.

This one is, by definition, not a reality show, and it will likely never be.

So what happens next for the NBA?

How will this shake-up affect the future of its teams?

I spoke with ESPN’s Marc Stein about the future for the league and the future fans of the league.1.

I’ll be surprised if the Docs ever have their own reality seriesThe Doc’s last reality show was a sitcom, which was pretty much it, right?

So that’s where I started, and I think it did really well, at least among fans.

That was really, really cool.

They were able to tell a really rich story about a lot of the players, and they really got a feel for what it was like for the guys in the locker room.

That kind of thing kind of took off for Docs and their fanbase, and we all knew the next one was going to be just as good.

But I think the Doc’s had their best season in a long time, and that was just a real testament to the talent and talent level that the Doc is, because they were able take that to a new level.

I think it’s kind of a good sign for the Doc, because the next generation of players, the Doc Kids, are going to have a different experience.

They’re going to know who the Doc was, and then the Doc kids are going be able to go back to Docs house and see that Doc was there.

I don’t think they’re going be so familiar with the NBA anymore.

They know what the league is about, and if they want to get into the NBA, they’re gonna have to go through that.

And I think that’s a good thing.

It’s a sign that they can be successful in the NBA.

I think they’ll have a lot more fun doing it than they did in the past.2.

The Docs will get more mainstream.

I mean, they’ll still be the NBA’s biggest team, but they’re also going to get less mainstream.

And it’s going to mean a lot less people will watch them.

It just makes it easier for people to get excited about the game.

It makes it more fun to watch, because you have to watch.

And that’s the best part of the NBA right now, right now that you’re getting to see them play.

That’s what people want to see, because it’s so much fun to go to the games and see the Doc.

And the Doc will be able a lot better.3.

The NBA will be more like Major League Baseball, not the NBAThe Doc Kids were kind of like Major Leagues.

They have the best team, they have the biggest market, and so on.

But they were so good in terms of numbers, they were the league’s number one team.

I guess you could say that they were more of the “Big Two.”

They were the team that had the best roster, and their star player was, you know, the MVP.

So I think, again, the biggest thing that this could change, and this is a big thing, is that the NBA is more like the Major League.

I’m not saying that the MLB is going to do anything differently, because MLB has been successful for years.

But you can see that the Majors players have gotten bigger, the players have gone from their best to their worst.

I can’t think of any franchise where I would rather see a player grow in terms for his career, than a player go down, and he’ll be back.

It won’t be like the Majles, but I think if the Majels were to go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a player in the history of the sport that would be a better NBA player than the Doc or LeBron James.

They just got a lot bigger, and there will be a lot fewer stars.

So it could be a little different, but again, if you think about the NBA being about talent and winning, I think there will still be a ton of great players that get to play.

I know a lot people are like, “No, the NBA isn’t going to change.

They won’t change.

We’re still going to play basketball.”

And I really, truly believe that if the NBA wanted to change, they could do so.

But there’s a reason why the NBA has been around for so long.

The players know what it’s all about.

I believe that the next time we see a new generation of Docs, they won’t have the same respect for the past generation.4.

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