How to use your new Papa John’s toilet paper sticker paper to make a great joke

It’s the perfect gift idea for a friend who just got a new toilet paper box.

And it’s a perfect gift for a customer who wants to throw his favorite item into the garbage can, too.

The Papa Johns toilet paper stickers are an excellent way to give your guests a personalized gift that is easy to use and will last.

And for a lot less than $1, they can really bring a smile to a customer’s face.

So here are some ideas for using toilet paper stamps to make jokes.


Make a joke using your own name and a picture of yourself on the box.

If you have a friend, family member, or relative who’s just recently gotten a new box of toilet paper and is looking for a fun way to make fun of their new experience, use this photo.

That will give them a sense of pride in having a new toy to play with and a great opportunity to show their friends and family.


Make it fun for your guests to come home from work and find a new bag of toilet papers.

If your customers are looking to get out of the office and have a fun time at home, use a picture or image of a familiar person in the office or at work.

This could be a familiar face you know from your previous job or a cute animal, like the dog.

And if your customer is looking to take a break from work, this could be their last time at the office.


Use your own personal favorite stamp or sticker to create a cute picture of the box that your customers want.

You can use a photo of your own favorite sticker, or even use a different stamp from the same brand.

This is especially fun if your guests are family or friends who are already familiar with your products or brands.

You don’t have to make the joke in real life, of course, but it’s fun to make an easy joke with the help of a family or friend that will leave your customers feeling special.


Add a bit of extra fun to your family and friends’ visits to your store by offering a free copy of a product or service that your customer has requested.

A good time can be had by showing them a special deal on a new item or getting them to try out a new product they’ve never seen before.


Give your customers a unique and creative way to thank you for making their purchase at your store.

By offering a gift, you can add some personality and flair to your customer experience.

Your customers can come to you with a handwritten thank you letter, an autographed photo, a card, or whatever.

Make your customer’s experience even more special by offering an unexpected gift to take away from their visit.


Use toilet paper for a new, creative way of thanking your customers.

Using toilet paper is a great way to remind your customers of your past service or a new service or product they have enjoyed.

Using your own stamp or paper can be an excellent option for this.

For instance, if you have an employee who has enjoyed the toilet paper service your company offers, consider including a special stamp or token that your employee can write to you.


Use a stamp or other sticker to add an extra bit of flair to a gift card.

Some customers are not as fond of the standard gift card, so the option of a personalized sticker or sticker can be a great option for these customers.


Use the original stamps and stickers of your brand to give a unique message.

You may have received a stamp from your brand, or you may have a sticker from another brand that you have used on a product you are offering to your customers at your location.

For example, if your brand is McDonalds and you offer a special coupon for a special burger or fries, consider offering a unique gift card or sticker for your customers to purchase this special burger at your restaurant.


Use another stamp or item of your choosing to decorate a gift bag or other item of merchandise.

Using a stamp of your company or product can make your customers feel special, or it can make them feel like they have a unique item of their own.

For some customers, a sticker or other token will also be an interesting way to get a unique way to surprise them with a unique experience at their favorite store.


Use an item of a popular product to create some extra fun.

If an item you are considering for a gift is something that has become popular, you may want to consider using that item to create something fun for the customer.

For starters, it could be an actual sticker or stamp that your store has.

Or it could use a design from your store’s social media pages.

Or a brand name or logo could be placed in the bottom of the product, creating a fun design for the item.


Add some extra flair to the delivery truck by having your customers drive a special car or truck with the company

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