How to make your own paper airplane designs

The paper airplane has been around since the late 19th century and the first prototypes were made in the early 20th century.

Now, paper airplanes are everywhere, from the high-tech aircraft seen in movies and video games to the tiny, low-tech airplanes you might see on Pinterest.

And there’s even a new breed of paper airplane, the “paper airplane design.”

In the video above, National Geographic’s Dave Smith discusses how to make paper airplanes out of various types of paper.

To make a paper airplane design, Smith uses a simple tool: a piece of scrap paper that is folded in half.

The paper can be either one-sided or double-sided, and paper airplanes usually have an open top and a closed bottom.

Here’s how to fold paper airplane shapes.

Start by cutting a piece with a sharp blade.

The scissors work best for cutting the first two-thirds of the paper and then the bottom.

If you’re using a cutting mat, use it to cut out the shape of the airplane.

For a two-sided paper airplane shape, cut the paper to the right size.

Next, mark the top of the plane with a marker.

Mark it with a pencil to keep the shape clear when you cut it later.

For the top half of the design, mark it with pencil again.

This time, mark with a ruler to make sure the shape is square.

To create the bottom half of a paper plane design, use a ruler or ruler-shaped marker to mark the center of the bottom of the pattern.

Next mark the bottom with a pen, and use a pencil or ruler to mark it on paper.

Use a ruler for the top to make the plane longer.

This is a good time to cut your piece to make it longer, or you can use a pen and marker to make a line through the paper plane.

You may also use a flat, sharp-edged pen or a pen cutter to make small changes to the design.

Cut the paper at an angle to keep it from moving around while it’s being folded.

You can also use the knife-like blade in the scissors tool to cut the design into pieces.

For two-side paper airplane patterns, mark out the two ends of each paper plane with pencil and mark the points with a knife.

To form the bottom, use the same ruler as before to mark out an opening at the top.

Now mark out two pieces of the same design, and cut them to the same size as the paper you just cut.

Fold the paper planes up and place them in a cardboard box to protect them from moisture and other chemicals.

Smith also recommends keeping your paper airplane parts away from air conditioning, which can be a problem with paper airplanes, so be careful when handling the pieces.

The best part?

You can buy a paper model airplane at any good hobby store, or get one online for just $2.50.

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