Why is papa John’s pizza still selling well?

If you have a pizza craving, this is where to go: pizza parlors.

Pizza parlor owners say the pizza industry has a strong following, especially among women.

Some women have become regulars at a new Papa John’s restaurant in North Charleston, S.C., where employees have a “family-friendly” vibe and employees who are women are often asked to “play it safe” with the men.

“Papa John’s is really a family-friendly restaurant.

We have a lot of young kids in here,” said one owner, who asked that her name not be used for fear of retribution from Papa John.

Pizzas like the one on display in a restaurant in Columbia, S., are selling well at the new Papa Johns restaurant in Charleston, according to Papa John Restaurants.

(AP Photo/W.

Grace Babb, File)The pizza parlor owners say they’ve noticed a resurgence in business, especially in the past year.

Papa John says that more than a quarter of Papa Johns locations are in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, where Papa John has expanded its brand.

Popsicles, the iconic hot dog, is also popular.

Papa Johns announced that it is opening a new location in Savannah, Georgia, in early 2017.

Papa Johns has also opened a franchise in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which will open in 2018.

Pizza parlours are a new business for Papa John and are being held up as a savior for the pizza business.

But a new study by the National Restaurant Association found that the pizza-eating habits of young people is changing, which could negatively affect the industry.

According to the study, only 20 percent of adults ages 18 to 34 who ate pizza in 2015 ate it regularly.

The percentage dropped to 12 percent in 2017.

That’s a 10-percent drop from the previous year, according the study.

In addition to pizza parls, Papa John also offers frozen pizzas and ice cream at many locations.

The frozen pizza is now available in a few stores, but is more expensive than the frozen pizza.

Pies, too, are more expensive.

The association said frozen pizza prices have increased since 2015.

The report noted that “some consumers are willing to pay more for frozen pizza.”

Pizza is the second-largest revenue generator for Papa Johns, after fast food, according an Associated Press analysis of government data.

Papa johns Pizza is expected to grow at least 7 percent annually over the next two years, according data from the National Retail Federation.

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