Why are you putting cheese in your pizza?

When the cheese is freshly cut, it can be eaten straight away.

But when it’s frozen, the cheese’s viscosity can affect how well it melts, according to scientists at the University of Sheffield.

“The problem with frozen cheese is that it becomes more and more viscous,” explained Dr Helen Copley.

“If you put it into a saucepan, it doesn’t melt, so it can’t penetrate the cheese properly.”

“The solution is to use cold water or ice-cream.”

She’s working on a project to find a solution that can mimic the viscosities of frozen cheese.

The team is working with scientists at Newcastle University in the UK, University College London, University of Sussex, University Medical Center Hamburg and University College Dublin to create an ice-making technique that can make cheese more viscously, yet retain its viscosis.

The cheese has to be cut into thin strips and then mixed with water to make the ice.

“You can use ice-chilled cold water for this,” said Dr Copleys co-author Dr Sarah G. O’Brien.

“Or you can mix it with ice-cold water, but it’s probably better if you use ice cold water because the cheese will absorb more water.”

To make the solution, the team first heated the water in a bath of ice, which was then cooled by using a heat gun.

Then they poured the solution into a glass jar and heated it up to melt the cheese, before adding a mixture of vinegar, water and baking soda.

The solution then cooled completely and the team used the ice to cool the cheese and mix it.

They then poured the mixture into a large dish to freeze the cheese.

After the cheese had been chilled, the researchers cooled it again and poured it into an ice bath.

“When we put it in there, it’s almost like it’s in a vat,” said co-lead author Dr Helen O’Byrne.

“It’s very smooth and creamy and it just melts very easily.”

“You’ll need a little bit of ice water to get it going” As the cheese thaws, the liquid in it is still able to form a thick layer of ice.

But this layer can also change when it freezes, which makes it hard for the cheese to melt.

“In ice-cooled cheese, you’ll get a little less and less viscosification,” said lead author Dr Laura Haines.

“But in frozen cheese, it will have a very similar viscosidity.”

The team will be working on making their ice-free cheese for sale in supermarkets and ice-maker shops, but said it would take a while to perfect their technique.

“We’re looking to start selling our ice-based cheese by the end of this year,” said study co-leader Dr Coyle.

“I think it will be a good investment for people who don’t want to buy frozen cheese.”

This is not the first time the team has used their ice to create cheese.

They had a similar experiment in the past and it worked quite well, said co -author Dr O’Connor.

“People can make ice-filled pizza with their hands, so we’ll need to do that for ice-cleaning too,” she said.

“As it’s just a small volume of ice-forming it’s easy to work with.”

What does this mean for you?

Cheese is a popular ingredient in fast food chains and ice cream is another popular item.

In fact, the company Pizza Hut recently launched a brand new ice-containing product in the US called Pizza Ice.

The brand uses ice-pumped water to create ice cream, but this is not as common as it once was.

This could change as manufacturers begin to experiment with their own ice-melting technologies.

This study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Contact the ABC’s Dr Helen Smith at [email protected] or on Twitter @melissamsmith.

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