New paper towel dispensers will be offered to people with paper towel allergies

Paper towel dispensing devices will be made available to those who are allergic to paper towels and other items of paper, according to a news release issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Key points:The new paper towel device will be sold in supermarkets and pharmacies across AustraliaThe devices, known as “paper towels”, will have “free circulation” in the homeThe device will allow people to clean their hands without having to remove paper towels from their pocket or handbagThe devices are currently available in the US, France, Canada and Denmark, with the first batch due to be delivered to Australian customers by the end of June.

A research paper detailing the devices and its testing has been published in the medical journal Scientific Reports.

The device, which is currently available only in the United States, has been developed by the company Fluvalence.

A paper towel is a small plastic tube with a hole for a disposable paper towel.

The paper towel acts as a carrier for a small amount of water.

The paper towel does not contain any liquid, and the water is drawn out and then placed in the hole of the tube.

Once a paper towel has been filled with water, the device fills the hole again with water.

This is then carried back to the consumer and used as a paper plate, with a cloth covering to keep the cloth from drying out.

While the device does not have a removable surface, the paper towel can be washed or used on a washcloth to prevent it from drying.

The devices were initially tested in a lab with human subjects, and then a pilot study in a grocery store in New Zealand.

The researchers also looked at the effects of different cleaning methods on the paper towels.

The team found that the “free movement” in paper towels, the way the paper was able to be reused and the way it was disposed of was all related to the amount of paper that was used.

They concluded that the devices “have excellent safety and effectiveness”.

In the US there are currently no paper towel products available.

But in Australia, the company said it will be introducing the devices to the general public soon, with some supermarkets offering free access to customers.

“As a result of the research conducted with our team, the Australian public will soon have access to an alternative solution to washing hands with paper towels that is free of chemicals and does not require a disposable device,” the company wrote in a statement.

“This means there is no longer any need to worry about the risk of using paper towels in the kitchen and that their cleanliness will be assured.”


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