The Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital


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Activities whose aim is to make sure that an organization meets its goals and objectives are what comprise performance management. The management in question may lay emphasis on the performance of a department, employee or even an organization. It may also focus on the processes involved in building goods or services. An organization that manages its system or employee performance ensures that operational and strategic goals are delivered effectively.


According to this case, the Peel Memorial Hospital realized that it was unable to meet its set objectives and goals in 1995. Hence, it needed an immediate strategy that could revive the organization and make it successful. Performance management proved to be a solution to meeting the set goals and achieving organizational success. People from different organizational levels were informed on the importance of performance management and measuring in order to ensure organizational progress. The use of the Balanced Scorecard was means of promoting performance management since it provided a guideline through which performance could be evaluated and measured (Hansen and Mowen, 2006).

The scorecard also enabled the organization to be capable of transforming strategic goals into a comprehensive set of measures of performance. Analysis of weaknesses and strengths of different individuals of teams within an organization enables collection of performance data and results in addition to developing the course of actions that can help these teams to meet the set goals and objectives. Mitchell (2007) postulated that, performance management enables an organization to give guide and direction to managers or leaders, give expectations and accountabilities of each and every member or employee of an organization.

The other benefit of performance management as witnessed in the Peel Memorial Hospital is that it encourages team work. Working together enables sharing information and ideas on how an organization can achieve success and its set objectives as a team.Implementation of performance management model at the hospital resulted to increased patient and staff satisfaction. Therefore, the use of a balanced scorecard as a model of performance management affects strategic guidelines and priorities positively. The results of performance obtained through the use of a scorecard helps an organization to make sound decisions regarding the purchase of equipment and even the allocation of resources.The other point that is worth noting is that performance management enables an organization to develop a workforce that is motivated.

Each and every employee of individual within the workforce teams is made to understand his or her contribution towards organizational success. It is evident that each individual takes accountability and works hard towards achieving the set goals and objectives. According to Hansen (2006), Peel Memorial hospital introduced employee training programs. In these programs, employee awareness of the performance management model or the use of balanced scorecard was increased. The staff and individuals from different levels of the hospital organization were enlightened on the benefits and importance of evaluating and measuring performance. This in turn led to positive results since there was an increased patient and staff satisfaction.


It is therefore clear that performance management is an effective tool through which an organization can meet its goals and objectives. It increases the degree of motivations and makes each and every individual within an organization to work as a team toward achieving organizational success and meeting the set strategic goals and objectives.


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