Personal Statement


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 Personal Statement

Several people have had life experiences that have altered and impacted their lives greatly. One of the incidents that have impacted my life significantly is being an International student at the United States. The novel environment has made me learn important lessons in life and to always be optimistic. I have also faced so many obstacles, which have enabled me to have knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses. The obstacles have not only strengthened me but they have also taught me valuable ways through which conflicts can be solved effectively. It has always been my belief that the key to being successful is overcoming one’s weaknesses. Though my sole purpose of coming to the United States was to study, I encountered minor challenges such as difficulties in using a laundry machine and visiting grocery stores.

I was not accustomed to the lifestyle in the new country since my Native village in Indiana States, Portage, was pretty small and less developed. Hence, luxuries like laundry machines and grocery stores were scarce. I eventually learnt that the two challenges I faced could be solved through the use of the Internet.Time management and how to be an independent individual were the other aspects that I learnt with time. Adapting to a new environment was quite challenging considering the fact that my parents and family members were not there to give me moral support. This however proved to be beneficial since it gave me an ample time for personal growth and development.

I greatly value going to college since this gives me an opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge and a lot of new experiences from the new environment. My childhood dream has always been to work in a world cosmetic company in the chemical engineering field. I believe that acquainting myself with different countries globally will enable me achieve my dream career.Studying as an international student is a great opportunity to learn about the different cultures and ways of acclimatizing oneself to a new environment. I have confidence that the learning experience will enable me to succeed both academically and career wise. Mingling with my fellow students and individuals from different parts of the world is the basis to learning new experiences and lessons that can help me achieve personal growth.

One of the most influential people in my life is our father, who equipped us with effective skills that have enables me learn and adapt to environmental changes. One lesson learnt from my father is to have confidence and believe in myself. This has especially helped me a great deal in my career as a teacher. I have also been able to motivate other people to make use of this positive attribute at all times. I have learnt to be courageous and determined in order to surpass racial discrimination, which is apparently inevitable due to my Asian roots.Having an understanding of one another is the chief way through which cultural differences in diverse learning institutions can be solved (Cooper and Barling, 2008).

Two important factors that are significant to a teaching career are teaching students on how to approach issues logically and giving them clear and precise explanations on different issues. Consulting professors on different ways through which students can be handled has also been helpful especially in solving mathematics and chemistry problems presented by my students.My objective is to help my students identify their potentials and excel academically. Hence I always empathize with them and give them positive comments regardless of their culture, age and gender. I treat my students with a sincere heart, and this has proved to be productive since these students have not only excelled academically, but they have also gained a better understanding of the intercultural aspect.


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