Gender Roles and Moral Ethics


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Gender is a group of characteristics showing the difference between male and female. Some African cultures have gender related social roles which differ between the male and the female. Gender reflects an individual biological sex and the gender identity. Gender roles are behaviors that are normal and ought to be and thus the behaviors are most appropriate for each sex.

Gender roles are social behaviors that are generally accepted as associated to a given gender identity. The equity between genders is a major factor in the development of a country. A society without inequality has better chances to grow and develop. The roles of the genders vary from one community to the other. Equality in gender is human right that allows faster growth of the economy, improvement of the health of the children and reduction in corruption. Both men and women should be involved in the development of the country. Gender roles have consequences which is the social behaviors are sex-typed since roles are socially shared norms.

The society may learn its roles and accept them. This process of learning is called socializing. Connell, Robert William in his writing Gender and Power 1987 1 argued that the learning is through the socializing agents who include the schools, church and families. It is from these institutions that the society learns its roles.  A persons role is contained in many factors which may include the mode of clothing, work preference, behavior and conduct as well as the way of relating with the society.

The mode of clothing defines a person in that there are clothing for male and clothing for female. The clothing style will help a person identify a male and a female. In this regard the roles of the two people can be easily stated. Since male roles will include those who have worn the male artier. The work preference is another way of determining the role of the gender. There are some activities that are preferred by male to female. These activities can define the role of the male since the female do not like them. On the other hand there are those activities which are preferred by the female to male. This will define the role of the female.

Behavior is another factor that can be used to determine the role of the person. Some behaviors are female associated and thus they will be related to the female. On the other hand the some behaviors are male related and thus they will be associated to the male thus defining the roles of the two genders.

In a contemporary event the female are very emotional as the male are over whelmed by the female expression of emotions. This shows that the females will express themselves using emotions and will also respond using emotions. Unlike female who express emotions male express anger. Thats why the female will cry easily when expressing their joy or grief.

Female will be more empathetic. The female will always be sympathizing due to their empathetic. The female gender is very sensitive to the other gender unlike the male who will control their feeling. The female gender is more obsessed with having children. They always like to have their own children. The female gender pays attention to body language. The female gender judge emotions from unspoken means of communication better than men can do.

The female gender expresses more love, sadness and fear. The female gender smile more just stares and laughs more. The female gender can tell of a consequence when they express anger and aggression. The male gender will show emotion when they want to dominate the talk. The male gender is characterized by being an attention seeker. When the male gender needs the attention and he is not given the attention, they could react with emotions to obtain the attention. Male gender restrain from expressing their feelings. Male will try to restrain their feelings no matter the situation.

The male gender is hardened and will strive even in tough moments without showing his feelings about the situation. Unlike female gender the male gender will express more anger.Gilligan in her writing Caring and Nurturing, 1988 2 said that the absence of a female voice in the society means that men have adopted the traditional western mode of living. She argued that the men perspective about morality is biased. The feminist ethics were to end oppression and exploitation of the women. There are a number of injustices done to the women which included the domestic violence where the woman was beaten by the husband. This was a discriminative and inhuman way of treating a human being.

The women were discriminated in the economic activities of the society. This lead to low economic status of the women in the society. The women were forced to rely on their husbands for financial assistance. Another discrimination against the women was the ideal of sacrificing motherhood where the women could sacrifice for their family by working very hard in the farms to feed their families. The feminist ethics came to shift attention to topics man had ignored.


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